Kazuko Bhuiyan Trust was inaugurated in August 2019. Since our opening, we have been working on the following initiatives:

  • We provide scholarships for underprivileged students of Bangladesh. In addition to providing scholarship for merit, we grant scholarship based on effort and improvement. This encourages students of all levels to focus on self-improvement and use themselves as their benchmark. It also broadens the scope of the scholarship, reaching students who may not have qualified based on merit alone.
  • Kokorozashi and Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center provides Japanese classes to Bangladeshi students. Our immersive classes provide a unique experience, teaching students more than just the language. For more details, please visit: https://www.kokorozashi-jcc.org/index.html
  • Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Language Laboratory at Dhaka University, Department of Japanese Studies –Japanese language classes and cultural exposure for students in Dhaka University
  • Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) –Entrepreneurship skills development training, please visit: https://c-bed-bd.com
  • Awareness programmes for students and youth
  • Emergency response for Covid-19
  • Charity & Zakat Fund Donation

Our aim is to focus on education, building leaders of tomorrow. We take our inspiration from the Japanese way, incorporating hard work, ethics, commitment and positivism.